Quora User explained Why is Pakistan better than India?

I don’t know why Pakistan tries to compare itself so much to India. Well if you did then let me tell you some good stuffs.

  • Pakistan is way behind from India in space technology, expeditions and missions.

(source:- Hindustan Times)

  • Pakistan’s military budget is almost 6 times less than the budget of India’s military.

(source:- CNBC)

  • Pakistan’s active personnel is 3 times less than India’s active personnel in Army.
  • Pakistan has almost half of the total weapons, aircrafts and other defense equipments India has and the funniest thing is that they think they can nuke India.

(source:- IB Times UK)

  • Literacy rate in Pakistan is not even close to India. In fact they have the lowest budget for education in South Asia. [1]
  • India is a true democratic country, whereas the Pakistan’s government always works under their Army.
  • India is the 6th largest economy in the world. Pakistan is not even in top 20.
  • It was Pakistan who always lost the wars against India. They are expert in producing terrorists.

Pakistan is not a bad performer in every field. There are many things where No other country can compete with them.

  • Many Pakistani startups proved their presence. We all know about them. Lashkar-e-Taiba, Al-Qaeda, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Taliban, Haqqani Network these startups became leading brands of terrorism.
  • Not only startups, Pakistan also produced some most famous CEO of the above startups. Masood Azhar, Hafeez Saeed and many more are the great examples of some great entrepreneurs.
  • Un-employment rate is also better in comparison to India.
  • Pakistan is also very good in Proxy wars and distraction attacks.
  • Pakistan is also good in crushing women rights.
  • Pakistan is also good in mind washing Kashmiris.
  • Pakistan is also very good in safeguarding terrorists like Hafeez Saeed and Daud Ibrahim.
  • Pakistan is also very good in sending terrorists like Ajmal Kasab to India.

India is miles ahead of Pakistan in terms of development. India has stronger influence in the world and we don’t relay on China or US for money. This picture sums up everything.


— by Vipul Jha,


[1] Pakistan’s education spending lowest in South Asia



3 thoughts on “Quora User explained Why is Pakistan better than India?

  1. Well India is also good in snubbing minority rights they are good in protecting cows and kiling Muslims for eating beef.
    Hindu extremists are good in burning Muslims alive and making videos of their menace.
    In fact they are good in demolishing mosques and Sikh temples and burning churches.
    they should appreciated in electing a murderer as a PM of their country.
    They are good in shooting innocent kashimisris with pallet guns and makijng them blind.
    Please don’t compare your self with us.
    India is a extremist and religiously intolerant country.
    Your top politicians of ruling party tell Muslims to leave India and go to pakistan or Bangladesh.

  2. I am sure an indian must have did the analysis here, Pakistan is half the size of India, so firstly comparison is not appropriate here but surely picture is as an elephant is like India but replace that fox or dog looking animal with a Lion that will sum up surely everything.

  3. Stupid fake and biased analysis. India cannot install bathrooms for it’s population and they are happy about Space tech. LOL. Their population and women are using g bathrooms in the open.
    Why not discuss the famous Indian made aircrafts that are still in development even after 15 years.
    Or better yet why not talk about Rape of women and foriegners when talking about women rights. No one rape nation of the World is India. Frusterated buggers cannot provide safety for their women or even tourist women and are talking about women rights.

    Very funny article

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