‘Don’t stay here’: World’s most shocking hotels

WHAT does it take to get the lowest hotel rating on TripAdvisor? Unlucky guests at these establishments had the misfortune of finding out.

WE’VE all stayed in a shocker of a hotel at some point, whether it was because the neighbours were loud, or the mattress was last upgraded in 1950.

But taking a look at TripAdvisor’s worst reviews is a truly frightening experience.

The Sun rounded up some of the worst reviews of hotels across the world by disgruntled guests.

These travellers endured everything from rooms that smelled of body odour to bed bugs and rats..


London's Berkeley Court Hotel has some pretty bad reviews online. Picture: TripAdvisor traveller

London’s Berkeley Court Hotel has some pretty bad reviews online. Picture: TripAdvisor travellerSource:Supplied

The hotel is well-situated near to Oxford Circus and Marble Arch if you’re sightseeing in London — but that’s the only good thing that guests have to say.

It commands just 1.5 stars on TripAdvisor and 117 people out of 269 have rated it as “terrible” — while only three reviewers have given it an “excellent”.

One guest commented on the “filthy” staircase and “disgusting toilet”.

Another wrote: “As soon as you walk in you’re hit by a smell that smells like a mixture between guinea pig faeces and fish.”

Another guest commented on “smell of BO” from the room and the fact that the windows don’t open when you’re in the rooms — making it far worse.

Guests also seemed outraged at the price. One wrote: “£90 [$160] was totally outrageous”.


It looks nice on the outside but guests had some problems with what they found on the inside. Picture: TripAdvisor traveller

It looks nice on the outside but guests had some problems with what they found on the inside. Picture: TripAdvisor travellerSource:Supplied

If you’re ever in the US state of Pennsylvania, the Ponoco Plaza Inn might be worth avoiding.

It has a rating of two stars on TripAdvisor, with 44 per cent of people giving the hotel a rating of “terrible”.

One guest complained that they were bitten by bed bugs when staying at the hotel — although the hotel wrote in response that they had brought exterminators in and that they do not have them.

Another guest wrote: “The establishment is truly rundown, malodorous and dirty.

“I’m not going to get into details, but the only reason you should stay here is if there are absolutely no options left.

“If this hotel is expensive for you, go camping. It will be a better experience and better value.”


Guests didn’t agree with this hotel’s five-star rating. Picture: TripAdvisor traveller

Guests didn’t agree with this hotel’s five-star rating. Picture: TripAdvisor travellerSource:Supplied

This Communist-era, 13-storey hotel in Kosovo has a five-star sign on its outside — but not such great reviews on the inside.

Guests gave commented that it’s in need of a huge revamp, with several floors are now completely abandoned.

The New York Times recently reported the hotel had an occupancy of just one per cent.

It went on to report that the corridors are “littered with pigeon feathers, strung with cobwebs, lined with doors of dark wood and haunted by even darker memories of Kosovo’s past”.

And back in 2009 Lonely Planet warned people simply: “Don’t stay here”.

On TripAdvisor, a user wrote: “The room carpets are stained and dirty, the bathroom dirty, the toilet still had urine on the bowl and seat.

“Rooms smell dusty. Very old and not maintained or loved.”

Other hotel guests have commented that the rooms are “kitsch”.

At least it’s situated in the very centre of Pristina …


Not among the finest in Paris. Picture: TripAdvisor traveller

Not among the finest in Paris. Picture: TripAdvisor travellerSource:Supplied

You might want to avoid this one if you’re on a romantic trip to Paris.

The hotel has just 1.5 stars on TripAdvisor, with 70 per cent of the hotel’s 117 reviews being “terrible”.

The smell in the place was described as “unbearable” by one guest.

Another wrote: “The bathroom was horrific — the ceiling looked like it was going to cave in at any time.

“The shower head looked like it had never been cleaned and around the water dispensers, had dried on water/fungi, absolutely disgusting.”


‘Absolute dump’: Merchants Hotel in Manchester. Picture: TripAdvisor traveller

‘Absolute dump’: Merchants Hotel in Manchester. Picture: TripAdvisor travellerSource:Supplied

Back in the UK, Manchester’s Merchants Hotel hasn’t had favourable reviews either.

It’s had 457 reviews, of which 292 have been “terrible”, and gets just 1.5 stars on TripAdvisor.

Users commented on broken bed slats and unhygienic toilets.

One wrote: “Room was an absolute dump. Absolutely rotten, filthy, stinking.

“I actually went to bed with my clothes on and didn’t dare to venture to the toilet.”

Another said: “Dirty is an understatement, the bins outside the hotel looked more inviting.”


One guest at the Hotel Manhattan claimed they were sworn at by a staff member. Picture: TripAdvisor traveller

One guest at the Hotel Manhattan claimed they were sworn at by a staff member. Picture: TripAdvisor travellerSource:Supplied

Out of 187 reviews, 49 per cent rated this Brussels base as “terrible”.

It has a good, central location — but guests have commented on its lack of cleanliness.

One wrote: “The bathroom was terribly dirty, the toilet bowl have not been cleaned for ages.

“Everything in this hotel is very old and filthy. The room was very small and smelly.”

Another said was up in arms about the behaviour of the staff, writing: “The staff were rude and one even swore at me in French but didn’t realise that I actually understood her.”

A spokesperson for Hotel Manhattan said: “On TripAdvisor, you get mostly comments of people who have been unhappy about their stay.

“You do not have a lot of comments compared to the number of clients we have each year.

“We look at these comments and try to improve our quality based on these comments .

“On other booking websites you can see more comments compared to the number of clients we have, and the information is maybe therefore more reliable and more recent.”


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