WATCH: Terrifying moment people throw themselves from ski lift after MAJOR malfunction

A BROKEN Ski lift horrifically malfunctioned speeding out of control sending people flying and scrambling for safety on the slopes in Georgia.

A broken ski lift caused carnage on the slopes in Georgia People could be seen flying off the lift trying to land safely on the snow.No serious injuries have been reported so far, but people were left visible “shaken and shocked”, it has been reported.The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affair confirmed emergency ski patrols were quickly dispatched to the scene and a helicopter helped transport injured parties to hospital.

An investigation to establish what happened has been launched under Article 275 of Georgia’s Criminal Code which deals with safety violations and the operation of railway, water, air or cable traffic movement.Georgian health minister David Sergeenko confirmed there were a number of different nationalities involved in the accident, including a pregnant Swedish citizen.He said: “Among the injured are Swedish and Ukrainian citizens.“Only two cases need to be monitored. One of the injured, a Ukrainian citizen, broke his hand during the incident, and has a small head injury, while a Swedish citizen is pregnant and feels pain in her waist.”

Earlier this year 150 skiers were stranded on a broken chair lift for hours in the Austrian alps.

A rescue operation involving helicopters and mountain rescue teams was launched after the ski lift broke in Kreischberg, central Austria.

Authorities informed the stuck riders with loudspeakers in several languages that they would be rescued.

The stopped chairs were 23ft-33ft above the ground. Every skier was safely rescued.


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